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FUTTA III Brokerage Event

Next June 13th, FUTTA III Brokers will meet for their annual consortium meeting, at the ENEA Research Center in Frascati, Italy. A perfect opportunity to meet and discuss the progress of the different actions to support and create technology transfer business cases leveraging on fusion innovations.

To mark this venue, the EUROfusion technology transfer brokers will organise with the support of ENEA a brokerage event the same day on the morning to connect with ENEA fusion scientists, EUROfusion/F4E technology transfer brokers and industrial partners.

Get ready for a morning filled with networking, collaboration opportunities and synergies between fusion research and non-fusion application. This event is part of the EUROfusion Technology Transfer Activities to facilitate further use of technologies developed within fusion research and help industries accessing this source of innovation for their projects.

Draft agenda (to be finalised):

  • 8:30-9:00: Security check, registration, coffee
  • 9:00 – 9:15 : Welcome word, presentation of ENEA, presentation of Fusion technology transfer activities
  • 9:15-9:30: FUTTA III Open Call for Demonstrator : get up to 50k€ to test the feasibility of your project leveraging on fusion technology
  • 9:30-10:00: Pitching sessions: short presentations from ENEA fusion scientists about their researches and how it could create value to industries
  • 10 – 11:30: B2B meetings, poster session, open networking between participants (scientists, techology transfer brokers, industries)
  • 11:30 – 12: 30: Short tour of the ENEA facilities
  • End of the event – Possibility to join for lunch between 12:30 and 14:00 in a restaurant close to ENEA

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to take your business to the next level. See you there !

Feedbacks from the 2024 Demonstrator Call Webinar.

As part of the efforts to facilitate the further use of fusion technologies in new applications, EUROfusion with the support of In Extenso Innovation Croissance organized on April 18th, 2024, the online event “Webinar Launch of the new EUROfusion Demonstrator Call 2024”.

Open to European companies and organizations, the event aimed to connect fusion technology providers with industries that have ambitions to create new products and services based on technologies developed for fusion programs. A presentation, with the In Extenso Innovation Croissance team and the EUROfusion representatives Duarte Borba and Fabio Vinagre, reminded the objectives of the FUTTA III program, and preented the Demonstrator Call with the news rules of 2024.

Launch of the new Demonstrator Call 2024

FUTTA III runs an Open Call for Demonstrators to develop and test EUROfusion-based technologies or know-hows applied to non-fusion.

The deadline to submit proposals this year is the 30/07.

A webinar will be organised on April 18th to give detailed information about the call, and B2B meetings will follow for particular questions about your projects. Register for free to attend this event.

NEWS 2024 :

The Open Call for Demonstrator will offer up to 50.000 EUR (38k before) to cover the demonstration technical costs: from fusion technologies to non-fusion applications. Acceptable costs will be linked to the effective development of the project i.e. workforce, materials, meetings, equipment.

EUROfusion Beneficiaries (members and Affiliated Entities) can now be supported up to 25% Full Time Equivalent (3 person months) for fusion scientist/s through the work package FUTTA, in line with the EUROfusion co-funding rules and reimbursement rates.

For this purpose, applicants should make a specific request in the proposal, together with the respective EUROfusion beneficiary or affiliated entity + detail the expected use of the 3PM in terms of work and activities in the proposal.

These resources (max 3 person months) for the EUROfusion Beneficiary or Affiliated Entity will be made available through a EUROfusion task agreement, separately from the contract between InExtenso and the company.

News from the Demonstrator Call 2023

EUROfusion annually initiates an Open Call for Demonstrators aimed at transferring fusion-based technologies to non-fusion applications. This strategic move facilitates EUROfusion’s promotion of the Technology Transfer Program FUTTA, offering non-fusion enterprises the potential for funding to develop and test technology transfers.

In the year 2023, two successful collaborations emerged from the demonstrator call : the Italian company ALMAG, in collaboration with ENEA, a prominent Italian entity in nuclear fusion, and the German company TOMO (Tomorrow’s Motion), collaborating with VESC (Vision Electric Super Conductors), a German firm working in nuclear fusion projects.

Commencing in the latter half of 2023, the projects involve intricate technical pursuits:

ENEA, contributed to the development of a Hydrogen permeation sensor. This sensor aims to measure the concentration of tritium isotopes in Lead Lithium alloys, which serve as fuel for successive nuclear fusion reactions. The technology extends its applicability to other industries, such as metallurgy, where processes necessitate the precise measurement of hydrogen content for purification purposes. ALMAG intends to adapt this sensor for analyzing hydrogen content directly within the brass alloys melting furnace. The challenge lies in accurately identifying the quantity of hydrogen in brass alloys, a significant concern for industrial players like ALMAG, particularly in addressing microchannel issues during the production of various items.

VESC, in collaboration with TOMO, introduced an innovative superconducting technology designed for nuclear reactors, enhancing energy transport efficiency. Simultaneously, TOMO is focused on developing propulsion solutions based on magnetic principles, applicable in space, water, air, and land propulsion. The objective of this technology transfer is to assess the potential of VESC’s technology in enhancing TOMO’s propulsion systems, particularly in space applications. Leveraging VESC’s technology aims to minimize thermal losses, leading to significantly improved thrust in space propulsion endeavors.

News from the Demonstrator Call 2022

As part of the efforts to facilitate the further use of fusion technologies in new applications and create innovation opportunities for European industries, EUROfusion with the support of In Extenso Innovation Croissance selected in 2022 two promising project for 38k€ funding each within the FUTTA III Open Call for Technology Demonstrator. These projects reached their end in the last quarter 2023 with great results.

Chromodynamics“Cancer research at the speed of light”  : Conventional tools like microscopy and cytometry fall short in providing a complete understanding of diseases like cancer. Multiplex imaging, a cornerstone of Spatial Biology, offers promising insights into disease biology. However, existing solutions are slow, expensive, and complex, hindering widespread adoption in academia and industry. Thanks to the expertise in camera and control systems for tokamak fusion reactors (MANTIS) of its founder, Chromodynamics conducted a project in collaboration with the Microscopy and Cytometry Core Facility at the Amsterdam University Medical Center to address these limitations with an affordable, user-friendly multiplex imaging system, offering significant cost and time savings. The experimental studies validated the feasibility of detecting the locations of many separate fluorescent markets on a human tissue sample and thus strengthening the value proposition and the fundability of the project.

KAPTEOSuLtra wIde Band time-domain calibration of E-field pRObes (LIBERO) – The interaction of intense and energetic laser-pulses with matter generates strong fluxes of radiation. In particular, a significant amount of the released energy is converted into transient Radio Frequency (RF) ElectroMagnetic (EM) fields. Their intensity can easily overcome the MV/m order, and then represent a serious issue for electronics placed nearby, or alternatively a resource for generating intense transient EM fields. For the assessment of such intense transient EM fields, Kapteos has developed optical RX antennas as E-field probes that can operate in harsh environments Whereas their calibration are straightforward up to a few hundred of MHz, there is no comfortable and easy solution for their calibration above 1 GHz. The goal of LIBERO project was to demonstrate the capability of an innovative device (linked to a technology patented by ENEA and ABC Laser facility) to calibrate any E-field probe in the time-domain on an Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) and in some cases a complement, to current classical TEM (TransverseElectroMagnetic) and GTEM (GHz TEM) cells. The project helped to have a better understanding of oscillations and the type of laser required to develop this future device and strengthen the collaboration between KAPTEOS and ENEA.

SOFT Innovation Prize 2024 is open to submission

The SOFT Innovation Prize rewards outstanding achievements in fusion energy research showcasing opportunities of valorisation in the sector. It is intended for researchers and/or industrial actors who find new solutions, possibly with wider applications, to the challenges of fusion. Researchers, research teams or industry players can apply until 16th of January 2024 with a prize value: 1st place: €50,000 2nd place: €30,000 and 3rd place: €20,000

Demonstator Call 2023

FUTTA III runs an Open Call for Demonstrators to develop and test EUROfusion-based technologies or know-hows applied to non-fusion. The deadline to submit proposals is the 29/07.

Technology Transfer Award 2023

A contest to reward the commercial use of fusion technologies in non-fusion markets.

F4E Open Call for Fusion Technology Transfer Demonstrator Proposals

Open to European companies and organisations, this funding opportunity aims at supporting demonstrator projects where a fusion technology or know-how is planned to be used in a non-fusion environment.

Broker meeting in Garching

The Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics hosted all brokers of the technology transfer program on 22/06 in Garching.

F4E Technology Transfer Day

Open to European companies and organisations, this event aims at connecting fusion technology providers with industries with the ambition to create new products and services based on technologies developed within fusion programmes.

Launch of FUTTA III

Fusion research aims to provide technologies and solutions to meet the future energy demands. The societal long-term impact of these developments is clear. However, what is the short-term return on investment in Fusion and the benefits for European citizens ? With a Consortium featuring 6 brokers, FUTTA III (Fusion Technology Transfer Activities) supports innovative projects in Europe through the promotion of fusion technologies and their applications.