The newest insights about fusion technology

Broker meeting in Garching

The Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics hosted all brokers of the technology transfer program on 22/06 in Garching.

F4E Technology Transfer Day

Open to European companies and organisations, this event aims at connecting fusion technology providers with industries with the ambition to create new products and services based on technologies developed within fusion programmes.

Technology Transfer Award 2022

A contest to reward the commercial use of fusion technologies in non-fusion markets.

Launch of FUTTA III

Fusion research aims to provide technologies and solutions to meet the future energy demands. The societal long-term impact of these developments is clear. However, what is the short-term return on investment in Fusion and the benefits for European citizens ? With a Consortium featuring 6 brokers, FUTTA III (Fusion Technology Transfer Activities) supports innovative projects in Europe through the promotion of fusion technologies and their applications.